Forgiving God

If you thought this was going to be about God forgiving us-sorry.

Sometimes we have to forgive God.

Nuts sounding I know.

However, sometimes we do stuff, ask for stuff, assume stuff, expect stuff that God never wanted for us.

God is not a genie in a bottle or a Santa Claus.

Sometimes, God allows things to happen and we don’t understand so we are angry.

Sometimes we aren’t doing right and don’t get the response we want so we are angry.

I’m gonna consult a couple of friends for help.

Job. God GAVE his name to the enemy. He LITERALLY said “have you thought about bothering my SERVANT Job?”

The enemy was like “you have him protected so ain’t nun (nothing) I can do.”

God said “oh yeah? You can do anything to him just don’t touch his body.”

So, Job lost everything. Buddy didn’t curse God like the enemy thought.

They had another conversation and God was like “have you thought about bothering my SERVANT Job?” (AGAIN?!?!?!) “You tried it and it didn’t work.”

The enemy was like “if you mess with his body he ain’t gone be who You think he is. He ain’t gone be all about You like You say.”

God was like “bet. You can do anything to His body but you can’t kill him.”

The enemy was geeked/excited/thrilled. He left and Job was a mess of boils all over his body.

The people around Job were so confused. His wife, his friends. They were like “what kind of God would do this to you? You should curse God and die.”

I am pretty sure Job even had some stuff to say. I’ve read it a time or two but want you to go read it yourself.

Something fascinating happens. Job and God have different conversations. He has different conversations with the people in his life. He comes to a realization about his attitude and who God is.

Job says one of the most important and poignant things in the Bible “though he slay me yet will I trust Him.” He came to himself and he remembered, recognized who the God of the universe is.

Wait. Full stop. I’m sure whoever he was talking to gave him crazy eyes.

You have lost ALL of your children.

You have lost possessions and property.

Your body is DISGUSTING.

Yet. Here you sit. Having done NOTHING wrong and you still want to trust a God who allowed this? A God who may kill you? Bruh. Something is seriously wrong with you.

You know what turned it for Job? He prayed for his friends. The people that probably caused him to doubt and get in his feelings. The people who called him crazy. The people that suggested his demise and downfall who should have been supportive.

And guess what? He got so much more after that.

This kinda reminds me of my Jesus in the New Testament when He is basically like “pray for your enemies and those that do you dirty.” And also, ya know, when He asked for forgiveness the people who put him up on the cross before He laid his life down.

Now for the other example. There were these two guys who offered sacrifices, offerings to God.

One offered a sacrifice of animals that smelled great to God and pleased Him. The other offered grass, dirt, and straw that was displeasing.

Now. A lot of normal people would be like “oh. God doesn’t like what I’m doing but He likes what that person is doing. Let me figure out what they are doing so I can do it like them.”

Ooooor they would talk to God and be like “what’s good?! This is what I am doing. This is what I know and how I know to do it. Why don’t you like it?!”

Nope. Cain killed Abel because HE wasn’t pleasing God and Abel was.

Then my guy lied when God asked where his brother was.


Why did this dummy think he could hide ANYTHING from God.

Seeeeee that’s what I have a problem with. And it isn’t just parents. It’s elders.

Many people receive salvation or go through stuff and act like they are perfect, were always perfect, and will always be perfect. They put on a show and wear a mask. They hide and pretend.

So now, someone comes along after them and has no clue how to be human and do life. This someone falls into sin or messes up.

The Perfect Patty and Perfect Paul judge and condemn like they have amnesia. Now the someone feels even worse because they were not perfect like Patty and Paul. When, unbeknownst to that person, Patty and Paul probably made the same mistake yesterday.

Now, instead of allowing someone to overcome by their testimony like the Bible says, Patty and Paul have allowed the someone to end up in a cycle of shame and condemnation that we as believers in Christ are not promised (more Bible).

Many a person would have refrained from sin, shame, and condemnation were people honest and transparent. But, even IF they didn’t refrain, they surely would have gotten up and come out of the shame and condemnation had they seen an example of someone who did the same thing and is now out of it to tell it.

Don’t be Patty and Paul. The Bible says all things work together for good. Don’t be out here sinning intentionally. But if you do, there is grace for that and He can use it all. (See Insecurities & Disqualifications and What Do You See. :))

God lets Cain know, just like he did with Adam and Eve, that he knew what happened. Buddy receives a curse and gets sent on his merry little way.

Job did nothing but be faithful and ended up with an issue with what happened. Rightfully so, in my opinion. There was room for him to need to forgive God. He couldn’t understand how he was living right and things went so wrong.

To me, it was such a compliment that God had sooooooo much faith in Job that He gave the enemy his name. Job built an altar and accepted what God allowed. He looked for God in the situation. He made the choice to put God in His rightful place despite what was going on around him.

Cain did it to himself. I don’t recall his response after he was cursed. I don’t think it was recorded. He clearly had some anger that was misplaced. Or at least jealousy that he could have resolved with better choices. He should have sought God for what He wanted from him and not just given God what he wanted to give HIm. I bet he had even more issues with God after being cursed that may have required him to forgive God.

These people are just like us. We don’t just get to ask for whatever we want. Okay. We can ask. But we don’t get to just get whatever we want.

If we abide in Him and His word in us THEN we can ask (Scripture search). I think I talk about this elsewhere. Maybe in What Did You Say. It bears repeating.

We have to get to know Him to know what to ask for. He has a purpose and plan. If we ask according to His will (Scripture) He hears us.

But, we just out here looking at what we want, what we think looks good, and when we don’t get it, because some preacher or some person told us to ask without clarification or qualification (telling us how to ask) we are mad at God.

That’s why it is SOOOOOOOO important to read your own Bible. To work out your own salvation (Scripture). To develop your own relationship.

Cuz nobody told me that. They just presented a genie, Santa Claus. They told me the Scriptures but now how to apply and string them together. I had to pray and read and figure that out.

Aaaaaaand. Some of these people attributing stuff to God didn’t get it from Him.

We are resourceful and can make stuff happen. Ever wonder why what you got seemed to be more burden than blessing? It may just be that you prayed but didn’t wait for an answer. Or you prayed before you got an answer. Or you prayed and didn’t like the answer/thought you heard wrong.

The blessing of the Lord maketh rich and addeth NO sorrow (Scripture).

Pause. Sometimes what was a blessing becomes a burden. For more than one reason.

One, the blessing was a blessing in one season and it is no longer necessary or serves in another season. Sometimes we just have to let the blessing go. That isn’t easy sometimes. But when you are attached to the Blesser who gave it to begin with? Baby let that thang go.

Two. Sometimes we get distracted by other things that we forget that it is a blessing and are ready to move on to the next thing. We don’t like it anymore. We like what someone else has. We like something better. Shame on us.

Okay. I feel like I’ve been here for awhile. Oh. One more thing.

Again, Cain should have been mad at himself. Instead, he was mad at his brother and likely God. Sometimes it is us we are or should be angry with and we are blaming others.

Chiiiii. Forgive yourself if you did it. Forgive God if you are blaming Him.

How could you be blaming Him? You don’t think you’re blaming Him?

How is your prayer life? How is your church attendance? How is your joy? How is your peace? How are your relationships? How is your giving? How is your love? How is your rest?

If those are jacked up and you can’t figure it out? Figure out who you need to forgive. I bet things will be better once you do.

Okay. I’m out.

Go be great. Someone is COUNTING, depending on it!