What Do You See

I got the idea to write about seeing what God saw. I thought about a couple people from Insecurities & Disqualifications. I’m just gonna use the all and run a list of who God saw.

But first. Jeremiah. He is on the list. I thought about something that happened that made me want to single him out here like I did with Paul.

I was at a football game when I was in high school. I’m pretty sure I had already started preaching. I ended up sitting beside one of the ministers at church. He preached a mini sermon of encouragement.

He quoted the verse in Jeremiah 1 that says to not be afraid of their faces I think. And maybe he went on to talk about, compare our youth. Ion remember exactly what was said. I just know he used Jeremiah to encourage me.

It was, and is, a timely reminder. The words God strings together. The poetry of it. I like to send you to read it for yourself so go have fun. Lol.

Jeremiah became an awesome prophet and is responsible for Jeremiah and Lamentations. He is known as the weeping prophet. Cuz buddy cried over the ppl and their sins. My guy said it would be like fire shut up in his bones if he stopped proclaiming God’s Word. I read through the book of Jeremiah and gave commentary on it in several posts. Just search the tag or go to the The Word tab and search in the page for the word Jeremiah :).

Noah: he survived, along with his family, the flood and is one of the greatest examples of faith.

Abraham: the father of many religions and the beginning of the bloodline of Jesus. He is the forefather of every person who claims Jewish ancestry. His faith is an inspiration.

Jacob/Israel: descendant of Abraham. The namesake of the Jewish people who are called the children of Israel and the place where many Jewish people still live. An ancestor of Jesus.

10 of Israel’s sons: survived famine and nine are related to those in the bloodline of Jesus. Judah is the child of Israel who Jesus descends from. He stopped the other nine from killing Joseph.

Moses: an example of so many job titles. Lol. Legitimately. Too many to try to even come up with. Go read about him and you will see. Led the Jewish people out of bondage and into the wilderness where his protege led them into the Promised Land.

Samson: a man of war and strength who literally gave his life in pursuit of what was best for the children of Israel.

Rahab: provided safety for strangers she believed were sent by God. Despite not being Jewish, she married a Jewish man and mothered Boaz. Jesus came to be through her descendants.

Esther: became the queen and wife of a man who was Jewish and saved the children of Israel from death and destruction. Her courage is admirable.

David: became one of the greatest kings to ever live and provides so much to those who look to the Bible as their life source. Not just because of his actions, but the songs (Psalms) that he wrote and one of the children (King Solomon) that he fathered. In the bloodline of Jesus.

Samuel: was sent to live with the priest Eli and began to hear from God audibly as a child. Anointed David and ensured that the people were informed of what God wanted. Faithfully carried out the duties he was assigned to.

Isaac: his descendants became the children of Israel and he is in the bloodline of Jesus. He was the promised child.

Joseph: saved the children of Israel and all of Egypt from death. He didn’t let his circumstances change him or deal harshly with those who meant him harm.

Ruth: after staying with her mother-in-law she married Boaz and Jesus is one of her descendants.

Nehemiah: built the wall in the face of long odds and adversity. The city of God was restored.

Mary: Jesus’ mama. Ain’t nun else to say. Lolololol.

Jesus: Jesus.

Peter: one of the greatest Apostles to do it. Responsible for the Apostle’s Doctrine and the founding of the early church on the instruction and inspiration of Jesus. Wrote three books of the New Testament.

Me: well, you read what I write. The story is still being written. I am a sinner saved by grace for some reason chosen to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I said it in the other blog and started to say it again. And am. Hahahaha.

Don’t despise your past. God can use it ALL!

Go be great. Someone is counting on it!