Lucy Showed Her Jesus

There was this lady born in the 1920s

A couple of people called her Lucy. That wasn’t her name though. That was just her nickname.

This lady married a man and had five kids.

Lucy had a bunch of grandkids and saw most of them on the regular. There were two she barely saw but she made sure to reach out to them.

Lucy didn’t see two of her grandkids often because of their parents. This isn’t about that but it matters. Just know that Lucy’s lifestyle was different from theirs and that, among other things, didn’t allow for a super close relationship with those two grandkids.

Lucy’s house was the spot to be! One, because of one of her children. Two, because of her.

Lucy may have been blunt, not super affectionate, and wasn’t the one to say I love you a lot.

Lucy, however, SHOWED love. She took people in. She made sure people were okay. She provided comfort and a safe place to lay your head literally and figuratively. She saw who you were, let you be, but offered correction when needed.

At one point, Lucy let two granddaughters, one grandson, one son, and one daughter all live in the house with her. Including one of the two she didn’t see on the regular. There was nowhere for the grands to go that provided what they needed at that time in life.

Eventually, Lucy decided that it was time for the one grand she didn’t see on the regular to go. In her eyes, the granddaughter was on her feet and good to go. The granddaughter wasn’t really ready but didn’t want to over extend her welcome.

She had come to love being there. It was after all, Lucy was after all, all of the things described above.

The granddaughter was fine though. And she still saw Lucy all the time. Lucy became one of her best friends. Her chef. Her confidant. He cut up buddy. Her moral compass at times. Her coattail puller to reign her back in. Her listening ear. Her comforter. Her corrector. Her study buddy. Her example.

Somewhere along the way, her granddaughter realized that Lucy showed her Jesus in a way none of the super saved Christians in her life had. She loved them. Loves them still. But, it was hard to reconcile the Jesus of the Bible with what was going on around her.

In her quest to discover herself and her past, the granddaughter saw that she had a physical, living, breathing embodiment of who we are to be as disciples of Jesus.

The granddaughter, so enamored with the thought, decided that if she could be half of who Lucy was to others, she’d be a great person. The granddaughter only wished Lucy were around for the revelation, around to still be a part of her life.

You’re smart enough to know that Lucy is my grandmother. 🤣😂 I’m so grateful to God for her life. For who she was to me at the exact moment I needed her. I would NOT be who I am were it not for the almost nine years I got with my grandmother.

It’s hard to describe and put into words how that time changed me and made me. What that time gave me. I will forever owe God a debt of gratitude for it. I will forever honor my grandmother. My granny girl. ❤

Go be great. Someone’s counting on it!