Death To Me

If you’ve been here for a while, you know I can talk. Talk talk.

I have been studying to be quiet. That may be a Scripture. Or it just may be what someone told me in high school 20ish years ago.

The Bible does say to be slow to speak 🗣. (🗣 means a Scripture to look up. You should verify for yourself. 😊)

Someone questioned my restraint and said it looked painful for me to keep my conversation to a minimum.

I don’t remember it being painful in that moment. But here’s what I said: It is painful to stop myself. Because I am dying to myself. I’m growing and there are pains when you grow. But He is doing something. So I willingly submit.

That was more so a response to the fact that I dropped the weight that so easily best me. 🗣

We are so focused on not sinning sometimes that we don’t consider other things that hinder our relationship and where we are going.

There are so many ppl I love and adore and wish I could talk to.

I have so many thoughts and things I want to say.

I love me a good TV show.

But. All things are lawful but not expedient. 🗣

It hurts to let go. But what do the ppl say? It hurts more to stay.

I have places to go. Ppl to see. Things to do.

I can’t be distracted by people questioning me in ways that will make me doubt.

I can’t be distracted by people who put me in my feelings.

I can’t be lost in the world of make believe and augmented reality.

I can’t be listening to people who don’t understand or who are not trying to go where I’m going.

The decision to let go is not easy. I have tried time and time again. This time it’s gonna stick.

I don’t have a SECOND to waste.

This is just light affliction. 🗣

There will be beauty for ashes. 🗣

I have already weeped and am focused on the joy of this morning. 🗣

If I’m gonna reign with Him I gotta suffer with Him. 🗣

He told me it wouldn’t be easy and I’d have to die, carrying a cross of my own. 🗣

And the thing is this.

I don’t wanna talk so much and be so familiar with so many ppl that it’s a case of “oh there she goes. She’s just talking again. She’s always talking.”

I’ll embrace the compliments for a second. I say some pretty decent stuff. It’s cost me something to get here. It cost me a lot.

I don’t want the message drowned out by my nature.

I don’t want people to miss Jesus because they have seen too much of Karlissa.

My heart’s desire is for people who don’t know Jesus to see Him through me. Or people who are in need of a divine, God ordained moment to hear the testimony of the power of my Savior and get strength to endure.

I want to be a good epistle read and seen. 🗣

So yes, death to me! To the future!

Go be great. Someone is counting on it.