Be Ruth Not Sarah

Chiiiii. I stay talking and coming up with stuff. I had a few ideas, one liners if you will, that I thought would be books. But, I’m just gonna blog them. Maybe a book will come later. Only God knows. Truly.

Sarah and Abraham were promised a child.

She was apparently old, old. No, she was.

God told them more than once.

In the time they lived, if their handmaiden had a child with their spouse, that child belonged to them.

Sarah got tired of waiting so she sent Hagar to Abraham. They rushed the process and ended up with Ishmael.

Eventually, Sarah had Isaac. Ishmael laughed the wrong way and sis had had enough. Abraham sent them away.

Ishmael’s descendants have been at odds with Isaac’s since. They created strife that was unnecessary all because they couldn’t wait. Isaac is directly in the bloodline of Christ while Ishmael is not. That is going to matter in a minute.

Later in the Bible, we meet Ruth.

She was in her home country minding her business when this foreign man wanted to marry her. She did.

Then he died. Along with his father and brother. So now, Ruth is a widow with her widowed mother in law Naomi and widowed sister in law Orpah.

They are on their way back to where the Jewish people lived. Naomi’s family left because of a famine or something. Haha. I NEED you to go look this stuff up for yourself.

Now, Naomi has nobody and is going back to be among her people with Ruth and Orpah in tow. Women couldn’t just be outchea without a man. That was just the way it was. Thank God for Jesus. Hahahahahahaha.

Naomi is like “y’all can go home. I don’t have any more sons and if I do it will be too late for you to marry them.”

Orpah was like “deuces. I’m out.”

Ruth was like “nah. Where you go I go. Your people are my people.”

Off they go to Naomi’s home. They have to get supported and helped somehow.

Naomi tells Ruth to go to her relative Boaz’s field.

Sis goes and WORKS works. She gets the attention of the men around her.

She gets the attention of Boaz. He becomes their Kinsman Redeemer-a relative who takes over responsibility for a relative.

Sis ends up with a wealthy husband. And in the bloodline of Jesus.

The same Jesus who is also referred to as a Kinsman Redeemer.

The lesson: follow the plan and will of God.

Be patient.

Seek Him.

Do what He says.

While He will still keep His promise so things will go according to the plan, moving ahead of Him and on our own will lead to unnecessary issues, strife, heartache, problems, and possible delay at the end of the day.

Go be great. Someone is counting on it.