Be Mary(s) AND Martha

So Jesus was chillin, teaching and hanging out at the house of Lazarus and his people with them and some disciples.

Martha was like “aye yo. We need to feed the people.”

Sis got busy in that kitchen.

There had to have been a TON of people.

Cuz sis was pressed.

She was so irritated that Mary was just in the other room sitting and listening to Jesus.

I think her attitude got so bad that Jesus stopped what he was doing to tell her to calm down.

There was another Mary.

She was SO, I dunno, taken by, filled with love and appreciation for, Jesus that she came to Him and gave Him something-the oil in her alabaster box.

Apparently this oil was EXPENSIVE. Cuz the men around her and Jesus were baffled that she would bust the oil open and pour it on His feet instead of selling it.

Jesus was like “aye yo. Chill. She anointed me for my burial. Sis did her good work for me.”

Ion know if it was the same Mary(s) or different ones. I’m sure I could study and figure it out. You can too. But, guess what the name of the woman was who saw Jesus at the tomb and went and told others that he lives? Mary.

Oh, and the woman who carried Him? The woman who watched and pondered the teacher He was at 12? The woman who decided at 30 that it was time for Him to step into ministry? MAAAAAARYYYYY.

People like to give Martha flack. Sis doesn’t really deserve it. She was working and serving. Sis just needed balance. Mary probably should have gotten up and worked. Balance.

All of these women are guideposts for how we should be in our relationship with Christ.








Go be great. Someone is counting on it.