Be You

Life is short.

Be you.

Hard as it may be.

Different as it may be.

Lonely as it may be.

Confusing as it may be.

God created us for a purpose.

We have Him so we have everything we need.

He will equip and qualify us because He called us.

God told Joshua Jericho would fall.

All they were allowed to do for the first six days was walk quietly around the wall (happy searching in the book of Joshua) one time while seven priests blew horns. On the seventh day they marched around six times the same way. The seventh time around Joshua told them to shout. The Lord gave them the town.

Surely they probably thought they needed more. Nope. Their obedience and faith gave them what they needed. And they opened their mouths. The sound they released gave them the victory.

In the book of Judges, God called Gideon. Gideon was like “if it’s You do this. Okay. Now do this.” Buddy wanted to be absolutely sure. Once he was, he was good to go. God told him Midian was theirs.

Gideon took all these men. God was like that’s too many. He sent some home. 22k left and there were 10k to fight. God said that’s still too many.

God told him to bring them to the spring and divide them based on how they drink water. The group God chose was only 300 men. They went from 32k to 300.

Again. Surely they thought they needed more men. Nope. He split the men into three groups and gave each a horn. They went to different sides of the Midianites camp. When he gave the signal, they blew the horns and said “The sword of the Lord, and of Gideon.”

The people were so confused and scared that they destroyed each other themselves and flex. Again. Obedience and a sound.

They were who God created and they did what they were told.

Crazy faith ain’t easy.

Being different amongst others ain’t easy.

But you. As created. With your purpose is necessary.

Nobody can be you. Nobody is called to fulfill your purpose. Sure. Someone else can. But why when you can.

I am you you is I. This is for me too.

We got this cuz God’s got us!

Go be great. Someone is counting on it.