Bougie About Toilet Paper

I’ve had income levels that have varied.

I’ve had living situations that have varied.

I’ve changed spending habits.

I’ve changed the stores I frequent.

I’ve purchased cheaper alternatives at times.

The one thing that never truly changed-toilet paper.

Even when I did go cheaper, I never went cheapest. And it was truly an alternative for my usual.

Ion know. I just could never bring myself to TRULY, truly skimp on toilet paper.

David wrote a Psalm (139). It’s on point enough.

David went THROUGH went through.

He experienced victory and ran for his life.

He was celebrated and hated.

He was invisible to his family then seen by an entire nation.

In Psalm 139, David points out his realization that God is everywhere.

He realizes he can go nowhere, even making his bed in hell, where God is not.

No matter the lot in life you find yourself.

No matter how little or much you value yourself.

No matter what sin you have or have not committed.

One thing has not and will NEVER change.

God is there. God is here. As is His love.

Once we accept that, no matter what is going on, we should have peace. An assurance. A hope.

Sometimes it may be easier.

Sometimes it may be harder.

Sometimes we may feel it more.

Sometimes we may feel it less.

Sometimes we may see it more.

Sometimes we may see it less.

But, once we’ve received Him and it, we should never be able to TRULY, truly be without either.

Go be great. Someone is counting on it.