Look Up

Lost in Target.

Haha. I am back on my moral, high ground. That means that I’m not patronizing Walmart and Amazon. Things are about to be more expensive.

Well, in some respects. In others, they are the same. And Aldi exists. Sooooooo…

Back to the blog. I was on the phone and said “where am I?”

I knew if I looked up I could definitely get to the food section. Target is better than Walmart in this regard. The layouts are seemingly 99% the same. I just needed to look to my left and I was oriented properly.

Sometimes in life we are lost. My new pastor preached a message yesterday entitled “Getting Back To Me.” It was so good and was from Genesis 1:3 (but also verses 1 & 2).

He said that we were born whole when we were created. He basically said that when we don’t feel right, when we are empty, when we are lost, get back to God because all that we need is in Him. I probably did a horrible paraphrase job.

But, that is the gist of part of his sermon.

In Luke 21, Jesus discusses the signs of the last days. When we get to verse 28, He tells the people that when these things are fulfilled we should “look up…your redemption draweth nigh.” (King James Version (KJV))

While this is not in the same context, the command and result are the same. Jesus possesses everything we need. If we are lost, alone, abandoned, confused, tired, weary, anxious… All we have to do is look up.

He endured everything that we have and will (Satan’s temptation after His 40 day fast. Search for it :)) and understands (Hebrews 4:15). He gave His life to give us life.

He stands ready, willing, and able to lead and guide us.

All we have to do is look up.