Two Things Can Be True

Sooooo. I just had an honest conversation with God.

More like I told Him a few things

I’m confused.

I don’t understand.

I don’t like it.

But I appreciate it.

I trust that He knows what He’s doing.

I’ve heard that pregnant women experience stretching in their bodies that is painful as their bodies change to accommodate the baby.

Life with God enroute to where you’re going often requires an uncomfortable stretching.

I’ve been here before. I’ve had to change and evolve in so many areas at so many points. That’s just life.

Going from faith to faith.

It’s never easy. It’s never a cake walk.

But what I see in me.

The growth.

The change.

It would be easy to be upset and feel like a failure because I’ve been here before.


Some ppl take longer and more incremental steps to change, to grow, to evolve.

Sometimes baby steps are longer lasting.

I’d rather be a nice aged Bordeaux (wine) than a cheap $5 bottle.

Cuz Bordeaux has to be aged for at least 10 years but really reaches its peak at the 10-15 year mark.

I’d rather slowly develop and ensure that I’m right and upright for the journey than have a false start and fizzle out.

Again. He KNOWS what He’s doing.

I am allowed to feel my feelings.

He’s the best One to take them to.

I’m gonna keep moving forward. Feelings and all.

I know where I’m trying to go. Obedience and sacrifice are the only way I’ll get there.

So, confused, without understanding, as I don’t like it, I appreciate it.

Cuz despite the flawed mess that is me, He trusts me enough to plan a future I don’t deserve. I owe Him EVERYTHING.