Be Still

Have you ever ended up in a storm of life?

Everything is going wrong and nothing looks how you imagined?

You wanna fix it?

You’re restless?


What if all it takes is just being still?

What if the storm has come to get you from where you are to where you’re going?

What if you need to feel the wind and waves?

What if you need to feel the queasy unease of the boat rocking back and forth?

Because Jesus sleeps peacefully there in it.

Because Jesus walks with authority in it.

Because Jesus wants you to boldly ask Him to come to Him.

Because Jesus wants you so focused on Him you forget that there is a storm raging as you too walk boldly in it.

Because Jesus wants you to cry out and be saved when you get distracted and take your eyes off of Him.

Because Jesus wants you to know that at your weakest, lowest, least desirable place and point that He is ALWAYS there with you.

Because Jesus wants you to know that in order to reign with Him and do what you were created to do, you too will have to suffer like He did.

He has promised to be a friend and a Comforter through all that life brings.

He has endured all that we have and understands it all.

He is our perfect example.

If Jesus could lay down His life and will, we can too. His death gave us the power to.

The same with any temptation the enemy brings-like He did after fasting for 40 days.

If Jesus can rest and walk in a storm, we can too.

He spoke peace and the storm was still.

He may not speak peace to what rages around us.

But, He left us with a gift of peace that will enable, and at times require us, to be still.