What Are You Willing To Do

I feel like sometimes God tests us. He gives us bits and pieces and sees what we will do.

He shows us something off far or big and seemingly unattainable.

Then He starts showing something closer and smaller.

Then He ups the ante. Has us outchea looking and feeling crazy. Sometimes we gotta go with it. And sometimes there’s a ram.

Come here Abraham.

Abraham was minding his business when God told him to go.

He went all the places he was told.

God told him he was gonna have a son even though he had never had one and his wife was seemingly past the age of childbearing.

This son, Isaac, is born and God tells Abraham to offer him as a sacrifice.

By the time he is told to offer Isaac, Abraham has been offering sacrifices on the regular. When it’s time for him to offer Isaac, Isaac and his servants are confused because there isn’t an animal with them.

Abraham doesn’t tell anyone what is about to happen or what God said. All he said was that God would provide.

Abraham binds Isaac and lies him on the altar, the place of sacrifice.

JUUUUUUUST as Abraham is about to bring the knife down on Isaac, God/the angel of God (chiiii. Google it. I was gonna tell you to anyway so you can read it yourself.) calls out and says there is a ram in the bush.

I was in the middle of deciding to do something seemingly outrageous cuz where I’m going is that serious. I think I got a ram. But I gotta make sure. Just know, I’m willing to do whatever it takes.

Are you?

Go be great. Someone is counting on it!