Functioning In Chaos

I feel like I’ve written about this. I couldn’t find it. I did find posts that have some of the same language as recent posts. Saying yes. Peace and joy in His will. Those will keep coming up til I close my eyes on this side.

The sermon I streamed from Sunday was entitled God in Disfunction. It was so good. It relates to what I’m gonna write about. You should check it out.

I had a conversation recently where I mentioned functioning in chaos. I was talking about my messy room. But, life was chaotic. My brain was chaotic. It manifested in so many ways.

I was used to the chaos that I was able to do a lot of things. Now, my attitude was a mess at times. I’m far heavier than I should be to be considered healthy-have been for years. Weight is a hard thing to lose and maintain. I’m gonna conquer it one day soon.

I didn’t learn how to go through life emotionally, spiritually, or mentally healthy. The people who should have taught me didn’t either. Nor did the people that taught them. We are all descendants of enslaved people.

It is a remarkable thing to be able to put one foot in front of the other and succeed with so much turmoil and so many things wrong. That is a rich legacy. And is beneficial to a point.

At some point, we have got to recognize the chaos and do the work to stop it. It is HARD to realize it and then be different. I am not going into all of that today.

Functioning in chaos is not the same as living and thriving. Functioning in chaos is merely surviving. There’s some fighting involved.

Jesus came that we might have life and have it more abundantly. He came to give us rest and peace. He came to provide purpose that would bring joy.

None of this is easy to get or maintain. We are fallible, imperfect humans who have to work at having it.

However, it is possible. With Jesus. Salvation makes it possible. A relationship with Him makes it possible.

If you’re tired of just functioning, just fighting, just surviving, try Jesus. It was the BEST decision I made. 😊