Joseph’s Amnesia

Okay so it really isn’t amnesia. It’s really continued obedience despite the previous results. Ot maybe continued trust. That is really what Obedience Amnesia is. And he still doesn’t fit fit. But, a rundown of his story is always in order.

Joseph’s mom was his dad’s favorite wife. As a result, Joseph was the favorite. Surely followed by his only full sibling Benjamin. Their mom died while giving birth to Ben.

This was a messy and chaotic family dynamic. Their dad Jacob/Israel was tricked by their mom’s dad and married their aunt first.

Their aunt started having kids first. Their mom gave her handmaid (servant) to their dad bc the handmaid’s kids would technically be hers and she hadn’t had any yet.

Then the aunt stopped having kids and gave her handmaid to their dad.

Finally, Joseph was born and then Ben. They are kids 11 and 12. Issa mess.

Joseph ends up being given a coat of many colors by their dad. Joseph has dreams that show his brothers bowing to him. His 10 older siblings are not a fan.

Joseph was sent to check on them. They tied him up and were going to kill him. One of them was like nah. Let’s sell him. They did and took his coat to pretend like he was killed when they got home.

Joseph ends up being a servant in Potiphar’s house. He ends up being number two in command. Potiphar trusts him. His wife ends up with a thing for Joseph.

Joseph doesn’t fall for the okeydoke. She lies on him because he wouldn’t go for her advances. He ends up in jail.

While in jail, he comes across two of the King’s, Pharaoh, servants. They have dreams that he interprets. He tells them not to forget him when they go back. Of course they do.

Pharaoh eventually has a dream that needs to be intepreted. One of the servants finally remembered Joseph. He correctly interprets it. He ends up being number two in charge of all of Egypt.

His brothers, with the exception of Benny, lol Benjamin, come because there is a famine. Joseph knows them but they don’t know him.

He plays on their emotions and puts something in their stuff that shouldn’t be so they turn around to give it back. He also asks that they bring Benjamin back. One of them chooses to just stay because their father ain’t gone let Benjamin go.

They end up needing to go back to Egypt because they ran out of what they got. They convinced their father to let them take Benjamin. They feast and Benjamin is given more than the others. They have learned their lesson about taking issue with the favoritism.

Joseph finally reveals himself and sends stuff back. He sends word along with the stuff so their father will come to Egypt. Oh. And that dream about them bowing? It came true before they knew who he was.

Something interesting took place during all of this. Before he is sold, Joseph has to be aware of how God was there for his dad and mother, his uncle Esau, his grandmother Rebekah, grandfather Isaac, his great grandmother Sarah, and his great grandfather Abraham.

Surely he’s had his own experiences with God by way of the dreams and the grief his father endured at the passing of his mother. Oh. She has a name. Lol. Rachel. To have to be able to live and function with a father who favors you and your brother while your other brothers surely despise you.

Not once do we see Joseph talk poorly about anyone. Not once do we see him angry. He maintains good character through it all. He trusted God in every circumstance. God came through in every season.

It’s as though he chose to Build An Altar and let that guide him. He trusted who he knew God to be. As a result, he saved his family and Egypt during the famine. He was able to go from being sold in a pit to running a household to running an entire country.

Though things got hard. Though things seemed to get better then got worse, he seemed to be able to “forget” the hard parts and focus on the One who was with him.

May we ever strive to continue to trust the plan of the One who created us and knows what lays ahead. May we ever focus on Him and not what it looks like. I know it’s hard. I keep writing it and I keep needing to do it.

But. We gotta say what Pastor Michael Todd said in one of his sermons. God’s got it and I trust Him!

Also. Just Google Joseph. It’s in Genesis somewhere. Lol. 🤣😂