Tighten Up

When I was younger, I wanted some shell toe Adidas. I got some Adidas but they had the plain toe. I wore them. But they weren’t what I wanted and I wasn’t really a fan.

As I grew into adulthood, I generally wore flats and Chucks. I wore the occasional pair of Keds.

Eventually, I got a pair of shell toes. They were cute. But I didn’t like them. They were too heavy and too much shoe. I felt like I was dragging them. I even asked someone wearing some one day if they had a problem with them.

I kept them and I started wearing Vans.

I moved recently. I only brought so many pairs of shoes. As a result of having to trash my all white leather chucks, I brought my shell toes with me. They are the classic black and white ones.

It was raining this AM so I decided to try my shell toes. I have a pair of Vans. I didn’t want to wear them in the rain for some reason today. This blog maybe? Lol.

This time, I surmised that maybe the laces weren’t tight enough. I usually tie my shoes and just pull them on and off.

Here’s the thing. It worked well for my Chucks.

Don’t you know those shoes were perfectly fine once I tied the laces tighter?

As mentioned in another blog recently, when we see David in 1 or 2 Samuel about to kill Goliath and the giants, he was given armor that was customized for King Saul. It was too big. He had never used it before. It simply did not fit.

While David didn’t tighten anything, he did tighten up his method. He abandoned what people thought he should wear, what they assumed would lead him to victory. He picked up what previously worked for him. Stones and a slingshot. He picked up what he knew to be successful based on his previous experience with God.

Let us tighten up. Figure out what works based on who we are and how we have navigated life thus far. What works for one will not work for all. This ain’t a cookie cutter, assembly line factory. We are unique and uniquely qualified and equipped for specific purposes and people.

Go be great. Someone is counting on it today!