Build An Altar

I’m pretty sure all of the names of God I posted are found in the Old Testament. If you have perused them, you will see that several are associated with altars that were built.

When God came to see about several of His people, specifically in the first five books of the Bible, they offered Him a sacrifice, built an altar, and named the place after the experience they had.

When they are noted in the Bible, many say that they are still there today. To me, the altar is a monument. A place to remember who God has been and what He has done.

A couplafew weeks ago, I discussed how easy it is to forget where we have been while we are in something else. Sometimes we don’t rehearse who God is after we pass the test or move on to the next.

I think, if we took time to build altars and visited them, we wouldn’t find things as difficult. As I suggested in the other blog, we should keep what He’s done top of mind.

I don’t necessarily mean physical altars. But, we should put on display, in a phone in a picture frame in a mental Rolodex we access frequently, who He has been and what He has done. So that when something comes up, we already have a point of reference. A place to go pray. A place to worship at. A reminder of where we’ve been so we are at ease and peace with where we are going.