Silence and a Silent God

I started out with the intention on writing about silence. Almost immediately, a silent God came to mind as well.

The Bible says study to be quiet (1 Thessalonians 4:11). If you haven’t noticed, I have the capability to use a lot of words. I’ve always been talkative.

Wow. I read the Scripture to link it and either forgot, most likely, or never knew it said to mind your business. But. As I’ve gotten older, due to the way my relationships accross the board have shaken out, I’ve just learned to be quiet and mind my business.

Sometimes it’s hard. Sometimes I fail. However, I’ve learned that you don’t have to respond to everything. You don’t always have to have something to say. You don’t always have to be right. And you don’t always have to have the last word. It’s interesting that people like that have told me and taught me that.

By virtue of embracing life as is, I have learned to just sit in silence. I don’t have to have noise. I can sit at home with just my thoughts. I can ride in cars with or without people and not say a word. Shocking I’m sure.

I think it is a result of the peace I have. Peace that I worked hard for. Peace I fight to maintain. Growing up there was so much noise. And I don’t necessarily mean actual noise. Turmoil. No peace. Pain. Trauma. Voices.

I ran from it. Life has put me back in it. And I’ve run again. And again. I just don’t do well with foolishness now that I’ve been away from it. God gave me the peace and I gotta have it.

But sometimes, He tries it. Lol. What do you do when you believe you were given instructions but then it doesn’t shake out how you expected? What do you do when you’ve seen a glimpse of your future but have no idea how to get there? What do you do when you have prayed and things are getting worse?

Come here favorite King. David.

David was just living life and minding his business. He was out in the fields being a shepherd. He was the little brother nobody was really worried about. He was busy away from the family. Just having encounters. He was out there tending to animals. Killing a lion and bear.

One day, this man named Samuel came to his daddy’s house asking about his dad’s sons. His daddy (I was gonna name him. But Ima be petty just like him) paraded all of David’s brothers in front of Samuel.

They didn’t even think enough of David to call him in when Samuel asked about the sons. After everyone had come through, Samuel was like is this it? There are no more sons?

One somebody was like oh yeah. Lil David. He’s out in the field. I’m sure Samuel was exasperated. He asked for them all. He was like go get him.

Once David arrived, Samuel was like dis it. Dis da one. He poured oil, a substance that signifies the anointing of God, all over the boy in front of his entire family. Now, it may be here or at the onset that Samuel states why he’s there. They definitely know now. It is to anoint the new king.

Also, David might not have killed the bear and lion yet. I want y’all to read and see for yourselves. That’s why I tell y’all where to go and/or link it. Don’t just take my word for it. Alla this so far is in 1 or 2 Kings. Just search for David.

Mans stays right at that house for the time being. Continues doing what he’s doing. Eventually, he ends up at the palace with Saul. Who knows he’s done as king. Now, I don’t remember if he knows that David is his replacement when he first meets him.

They have their first encounter because nobody can kill the giant Philistines. David is like I gotchu. They give him someone else’s armor. Doesn’t work. Doesn’t fit. I’m gonna blog about that.

David is like I’m good. Ima just use this slingshot and these stones. He kills all five of them. Grace. That’s what five symbolizes.

At this point, David is the most loved among the Israelites. I believe he stays in the palace. Saul loves him. Saul’s son Jonathan becomes his best friend. Saul has an evil spirit come on him that David eases by playing music on a harp. All is well. For a time.

Davis eventually has to flee Saul who turns on him. David was a runner, a track star. He had to survive. The book of Psalms is littered with songs he wrote during this time and later while having to fight. First for his life then for the kingdom.

Though God is with him and allows all of this, he questioned God. Wouldn’t you? He was minding his business and then the man of God, Samuel, comes and tells him he’s next for the top position. Things look to be on track. He goes and gets firsthand experience and exposure. And then this?

Where are You God? Where did You go? Why did You show me this? Why did You get me out here on faith to let ALL of this happen to me?

He seemed like he was silent. David cultivated his worship. He had to put at top of mind who God had been. Who God was as He took care of him while he was on the run. There’s so much and this is getting long. He went through it but never lost lost. It looked like he lost at times. But it was just a set up and preparation for where he was going.

He eventually ascended to the throne. But not without one last loss. His friend Jonathan died. In her awesome, forthcoming book, my person who has a title that can’t be articulated but blogs here, discusses the fact that Jonathan has a son, Mephibosheth. He was injured when he fled the palace as the transition took place.

She writes/teaches that in those days the entire family of the previous king was killed. The bloodline was destroyed. She then reminded me that David wanted to know if anyone in Saul’s family was still alive.

I’m sure Mephibosheth freaked out when he heard. I mean God probably seemed super silent to him too. He lost his daddy, his grandfather, and his daggone nanny dropped him when they left the palace so now he can no longer walk correctly.

What Mephibosheth did not know or did not remember was that his daddy and the king were such good friends they were like brothers. David wanted to honor the bond. He fetched Mephibosheth and put him in position as if he were his son-that last part came paraphrased from the bomb book I’m gone keep plugging before and after it comes out!

God kept His plan on track. David just got there in a way that he didn’t imagine. In what seemed like silence but was the path God knew he needed. Not only did the way things turn out give “voice” to David of God’s plan, but the way he took care of Mephibosheth allowed God to “speak” to the child who thought all was gone and lost.

God is never truly silent. Sometimes we just have to sit in silence and examine where He is and what He is doing. As I’ve been saying lately, there are no losses just lessons.

Even when we know better and make mistakes. Cuz David surely did. Even after he had spent time with God and been taken care of by Him. Paul said it best-one of my fave verses-and we know ALL things work together for good (Romans 8:28 paraphrase).

How refreshing that silence with a silent God can lead to a person having a life that still speaks thousands of years later. I see you David.

Be the greatness God created today. Someone is counting on it!