It Doesn’t Fit

This should be short, simple, and straight to the point.

In Silence and a Silent God, I discussed David (read the blog and you can find this in the Bible in 1 or 2 Kings. Go read it for yourself! 😊) having armor that didn’t fit.

David had killed something people feared before it was time to kill Goliath and the others. A lion and a bear. Oh my. Lol.

When it came time for him to kill Goliath, though he had a past of killing what harmed the animals, what people ran from, King Saul gave him something that wasn’t suited for him.

I don’t think David detailed for them that he had killed the lion and bear. I could go read it. But I have. And, again, you should if you’re unfamiliar. He just confidently said he could kill them.

He was gracious. He tried the armor. That’s what they wore in battle. But it was custom made. It was for Saul. Not David.

Whew. Just because it worked in the past and worked for others, doesn’t mean it will for us. The armor didn’t fit David. Nor did the method fit God’s plan.

David took a slingshot and five stones. And killed five giants. At this point, he already knew he would be king.

I imagine that this method was more for David than anyone else. Romans 1:17 in the King James Version says from faith to faith. I’ve heard it taught that you develop faith in one area or a small thing that levels you up for faith in another thing or bigger area.

He dealt with the lion and bear to be able to deal with the giants to be able to deal with running from Saul to be able to deal with leading the Israelites in war. He had to deal with the small stuff, develop a relationship with and trust in God on a small scale. This led to bigger stuff and bigger faith on bigger scales.

Find out what works. Find out what fits. Go with that and God. He equips who He calls (Hebrews 13:21). We have everything we need to be everything He needs.