That’s All They Know-Keep Building

I’m starting to come to terms with why a lot of things happened to me.

I, honestly, don’t have grace for some of it. If I asked you for something and you shut me down, I kinda can’t give you a pass.

But, for other things, it’s all they knew. It’s difficult to do something or be something when you haven’t been shown any different.

It’s easy for us to judge and condemn people when we see them through our eyes. True maturity comes when we can put our hurt and trauma on the seat beside us and see them as they are.

A lot of what bothers me is wrapped up in church and church people. The buildings and what we have created. Not the Church as outlined in the Bible.

It bothers me because the words in the Book give us instructions. For various reasons, people choose to operate based on what they were taught and saw.

They don’t ask for new revelation. They don’t ask for God to speak to them to relate to what is going on around us now. Because that’s not what they saw people do.

I’ve experienced what can be as a child when I first came to Christ. I’ve paid attention to the words in the Book and the words across the pulpit.

At times, or at least reflecting, it is curious to me that the Book is taught but then it isn’t lived or allowed to be put into action.

I’m finding more grace and more love. It is also, as I have experienced, hard to maintain better or different when you are around the old or what you don’t like.

If you have been tasked with being different or showing something other than what you’re accustomed to seeing, I’m praying for you. It isn’t easy. It’s hard. It’s lonely. It will make you feel crazy.

In the book of Nehemiah, The children of Israel were in captivity. Nehemiah found out that some of the Jews had escaped to Jerusalem. But, the walls were torn down.

This grieved Nehemiah. The King saw his sadness and asked what was wrong. He told him and got permission to rebuild the wall.

Different people mocked Nehemiah and the others for rebuilding it. One called them feeble in the King James Version. People even conspired to keep them from building.

They were not swayed. They prayed to God for help. Nehemiah stayed on the wall and kept building it. He encouraged the people and reminded them of who God was.

They successfully completed the rebuild and then repopulated the city. With the help of God, the remnant of the people restored who and what they were in the place God promised Abraham long before.

Whatever you’re building, don’t let anything stop you. If God sent you to it, keep building. Even if life feels like it’s holding you in captivity. Even if people are doubting you. Even if you don’t make sense or seem crazy. I’m talking to me too.

For some, broken Jerusalem and captivity was all they knew. I didn’t research to see if Nehemiah lived in Jerusalem before this. Whether he did or didn’t, he was aware of their history as a people. He had a relationship with God.

He was able to speak to the people and get them to the place. He called out their issues and fears. He told them who they were and who their God was. He built physically, spiritually, and mentally.

If you see any part of you in this and you are struggling, be encouraged. KEEP BUILDING!