No Instructions

How interesting that I just wrote Follow Instructions the other day and now this title.

I moved. I have two dresser type things with those fabric drawers. I built them, with the instructions, four years ago. M I took them apart at some point after that.

I’m fairly confident I kept the instructions. However, I didn’t move them to the same place as the screws. I took them apart later after previously packing in a hurry.

My stuff was also moved and not at all where or how it was when I packed it. I did have the presence of mind to leave the number stickers on most of the pieces. I knew when I put them together that where I was staying was temporary.

So, I’m putting them together. I figured out rather quickly what went where. I divided the screws. I had all the pieces except the wooden tops. I knew I could build the frame and go back to the car to put those on last.

I chose the long, skinny screws for the bottom. There were four of them and at least four shorter, fat screws. There may have been six shorter, fat ones. This will matter in a minute.

So, I’ve got it all together loosely. I go get the tops and put in the screws I have left-the shorter, fat ones. They won’t tighten. Then it dawns on me. The screws in the bottom belong in the top. They are wood screws.

I feel like I should have known that. But I’m not Joseph-a carpenter-or Jesus-a child of a carpenter. Maybe I would have realized sooner had I brought everything in before I started assembly.

Perhaps I should have known since all the other screws were made similarly except for those four. There were four super short, fat screws for the underside of the top.

For the first shelf, I took all four wood screws out and started that part over. For the second shelf, I decided to replace them one at a time so it would remain steady.

Good idea in theory and it worked at first. Until I flipped it and forgot which ones I had already replaced. It didn’t necessarily take more time. I did have to undo and redo again.

All is well that ends well. They’re built and full.

Sometimes we’ve been in the season or test before. We don’t have instructions per se. Or we aren’t paying attention to the instructions we have. We have put them somewhere. But, because we’ve been there before, we can kinda figure out how to get through it.

We are NEVER without instructions. And the architect, the One who designed and created it all, stands ready and available to provide us with instructions.

It is usually easier to build things with instructions. I remember struggling a little bit the first time around. However, due to the ease with which I assembled them this time, the instructions would have made it soooo much quicker.

Just because we are familiar with where we are, and can navigate it pretty well, were we to truly include and trust the One who with the instructions, we wouldn’t have to mess up and try to figure it out. We could simply breeze through quicker.

The children of Israel wandered for so many years because they kept losing sight of the architect with the instructions. They forgot what He did because they were focused on where they were. They didn’t keep what He had done top of mind to trust what He was going to do. (Exodus and Joshua)

I’ve been there. And I can’t say I truly blame them. They were enslaved for a while. Slavery was all many of them knew. They were used to being small so they saw themselves as small.

I would imagine rehearsing Abraham, Isaac, Israel, and Joseph’s exploits with God was prohibited. Because, if they were able to talk about and remember what happened with their forefathers, they would have dipped well before they did.

I’m sure it was potentially discussed here and there. But as a collective? Couldn’t have been. When one realizes and knows the power of God, what He desires for them, they can only settle for so long. Trust me. I know. One day I’ll tell it.

I implore us to get to know the One who came up with the instructions. Make sure we consistently seek His instructions. Make sure we don’t forget that He is the Master Architect. Make sure we don’t forget what He’s built-because if He built it before He can build it again. And if He’s shown us the blueprint-we should be mindful of ALL He’s built before.

Show off your greatness today. Someone’s counting on you!