My nephew is legit one of my best friends and favorite people. He’s a super honest kid. He reminds my mother and me of me. So, when he says I am one of his best friends, I believe him.

I believe the kid trusts me. I believe he loves me. I believe he wants me around as much as possible due to how intentional I am with him and how we relate to each other.

Oh my goodness. I just got wind of where this blog is going. I’m going to take my time.

I used to deal with him a lil harshly. I won’t detail why in full. But one day, I reflected on it. I felt bad. He’s a kid. He’s learning, growing, exploring.

I knew there had to be a better way than how I was treated. I put myself in his shoes. I never physically punished him again. I’ve raised my voice. I’ve apologized every time it’s happened.

I even made sure I wasn’t too loud when I was stern yesterday. He is a child who has to be reminded quite often. But that’s okay. It’s my job to regulate my emotions and create a space where he knows he can mess up but receives correction. A space where we discuss why he isn’t listening or why he does what he does.

I’ve started to tell him to fix certain things he knows he shouldn’t do. If I tell him his decision to not listen hurts my feelings or disappoints me, he doesn’t like that.

He did something at the wedding set up. I talked to him and voiced my frustration. He asked me if I was going to stop talking to him. I told him yes. I legit took his best friend away and could see it in his face and body. Lol. It was only for a little while and I reiterated why.

I was sooooo tired yesterday. Barely any sleep. A full day Friday at the wedding. Then we had a full day out of the house. I hit a wall. l kept letting him know where I was at. That I had nothing to give. So he would understand why I wasn’t talking and wanted him to stop. Lol.

As we went home to end the day, I told him I loved him. His response was and you can’t do nothing about it. Maybe he said I love you back first. But, he said that in response because of a song his mother sang as a child that I taught him a few years ago. I promise I’m gonna eventually get where I’m going.

The song says: I love you and I love you. And you can’t do nothing about it. Cuz I love you and I love you. Love is kind all the time. Love is true because I love you. I love you ans I love you. And you can’t do nothing about it.

I know who came up with it. If you steal it I’m gonna get her money from you. Lol.

I was still confused. I had to get an understanding as to why that was his response. He told me I couldn’t do anything about him loving me. I, in turn, told him the same thing.

I try to let him be. Listen. Play outside even though Ion like being hot. I spent most of my childhood inside. Shoot. Most of my life. I’m gonna change that and explore God’s big beautiful creation.

God is our anchor. He is our safe place. We can, and should, trust Him. No matter the circumstance or situation, we should be the boat attached to the anchor. It drifts and sways with the water. But, it always has the anchor to go back to. It can only go so far as long as it is anchored.

When I’ve failed and messed up, I wasn’t focused on the anchor. A boat can be anchored and hit another boat. It can cause some damage. But, when a boat is not anchored or being steered, utter destruction is possible.

I’ve pulled anchor. I’ve failed to let the Word of God steer me. It led to trouble. But, a coast guard was sent for me. Another boat, aware of how a boat should be anchored or steered, came to my aid.

Now for the OMG part to get this boat to shore. Cuz I had no idea I was gonna write those last three paragraphs.

I said I used to deal harshly with my nephew. Under the law of the Old Testament, God dealt harshly with His people. It was as if He said “I gave you rules and instructions. I made a promise to you. I expect you to follow my rules. I’ve held up My end of the bargain. You should too. But, because you won’t, punishment shall continue to be your portion. I’ll still show up for you. But it won’t be what I intended because you won’t do what I asked.”

Much like my choice to change how I relate to and with my nephew, He decided that He’d had enough. He decided that it wasn’t working. So, he came to earth as His son Jesus. He took on this flesh coat of sin. Sin, what He hates most, to provide His people with a better way to relate to them. And he chose to open His relationship up to people who were not among the original ones he chose. This is already super long. This part is New Testament. There are Scriptures all over the 27 books that speak to this. The same goes for the Old Testament’s 39 books.

The law of the Old Testament has been fulfilled by, not replaced with, the death of Jesus in the New Testament. Galatians 5:14. I got that one off top. Shout out to my new…I don’t even have a word for her. But she is AWESOME. You can find her blog here. She has me on a group zoom memorizing Scriptures.

She likes to say everything in the Old Testament is found in the New. I’ve seen it before we met. But, I’ve seen it so much more since we met. She has an awesome book coming. I’m not gonna remember to come back to this blog. But I KNOW I’m going to plug it. And when I do, don’t let the title fool you. It is so good. I’m buying a copy and reading it.

Okay. Dock the boat. This journey has been long. We are now under grace. We have the opportunity to grow, develop, make mistakes, be forgiven, and get it right. No more immediate judgment. No more one mistake and that’s it for us. The law still stands. We are still bound by the 10 Commandments but, in a more loving way.

However, I caution us. Grace is not in unlimited supply. We can’t just do whatever and expect another chance later. It doesn’t work like that. We never know when this life of ours will be over. While we have the chance we better make it count.

If the Anchor is calling you, beckoning you, the coast guard has come for you, a boat has been sent to you, DROP THE ANCHOR. Stop drifting. Stop causing damage.

While people drop anchor for extended periods of time, boats aren’t meant to stay at sea permanently. The anchor simply provides safety as the boat goes from one place to another. The little steering wheel takes the boat and anchor where it goes. I said it earlier, it’s the Word of God.

Sometimes we have pull Anchor and let His Word steer us to the dock. Solid ground. A set, specific destination. Where the boat is truly safe. The harbor. Let the people see the boat. Take time to care for the boat. Make sure the boat is in tip top condition to continue to go out and do what the boat should be doing.

Showing off how great the Anchor is. Cuz that’s why we were created. To bring glory to God. We use His word to steer our lives so that when we drop anchor or dock, people see just what the Anchor has done while we’ve been off in waters and storms.

I could stay here forever. But, I want people to ACTUALLY get to the end.

Go be great. Go show off the Anchor. Someone is counting on you.