Worse Before It Gets Better

My nephew is dramatic. I told someone that and she said y’all all are. Referring to my mom, my sister, him, and me.

This is why I said it: he fell skating outside on Thursday. He got bandaids and then an ace bandage wrapped around it. The most.

I asked him if he would be healed enough to go skating again. He was unsure. I told him he had to go again. Don’t let the pain make him scared.

The ace bandage came off yesterday (Friday) but the bandaids were still there. This morning, one of the bandaids came off. I told him he wasn’t getting another one. It was starting to scab and needed to breathe. I said he could leave the other one.

Well, of course, the other one got loose. I told him to take it off. He said there was so much blood. I sarcastically agreed. Once I paid attention attention, I told him it wasn’t.

He just came up to me and asked why I didn’t put another bandaid on. He said it looks so bad.

I told him it was okay. That sometimes it looks worse before it gets better.

Now, I could do what I normally do and tell you what this said to me about life and God. But, I won’t this time. I hope it spoke and speaks to you in a way that adds value to you. I hope it helps you endure a hard thing.

Greatness resides inside of you. It’s up to you to do the hard work to uncover it and be successful. I promise it’s worth it. Go be great!