Water Is Free

The nephew is appearing a lot right now because we are hanging tough this weekend.

I went to get us some cups of water. He was discussing the fact that it was free. I told him it was free when I ordered. He said something about not paying at the window. I said it was free again. I said it was free 99.

He seemed befuddled. Lissssssen. I was already thinking about the free water and life that we get from Christ. But then this joker said “how is water free? It has to cost something”.

I started to tell him, and maybe I did (I definitely will when I am done), it costs them something but cost us nothing. I lost it and started yelling. I had to pull over to write this.

That is the finished work of the cross. Right there. It cost Jesus something but costs us nothing. The cross. Walking with him is something else entirely. Salvation was free.

We have to join in the experience of the cross and die to our flesh. But, the salvation at the cross promised us rivers of living water that would flow after he ascended to heaven (chiii. Gas is high and my car is running. Just Google rivers of living water. It’s in one or multiple Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John)).

Make it a great day!

Omg. I told him about this. And we still had to discuss it further. He said we should at least give them five pennies. I told him they don’t charge us anything.

Then, as I wrote the five pennies…five represents grace. What we received at Calvary.

There is nothing we can or give to pay to receive salvation. The gift of the cross. I am undone. I have, in his words, hollered like a maniac in this car.