There’s Something Else

I totally forgot that there was anotther draft from the wedding yesterday.

We were provided light refreshments. Even though I took plenty of food for my nephew, he wanted some of the refreshments.

He’s picky so he only got cheese and a brownie I think. If he had anything else it was grapes or chips. He didn’t get a sandwich bc they weren’t just sweet croissants.

I went back inside. I think, just for him because he wanted another brownie. He made sure to eat it very slowly and show me that he was savoring it.

Before we got the refreshments, I reminded him that he had a lunchable. I guess he forgot. While he was playing with the brownie, I let him know about the lunchable again and specifically told him there was candy. I amended it to cookies because I got the two, different box contents mixed up. He probably reminded me.

How often are we like that? We have something but want more. We have something else but forget. We are busy focusing on what we see that we forget about the more that we have coming or waiting on us.

Let’s strive to focus on everything, the big picture. Macro not micro. I’m so guilty sometimes. It’s hard to remember the whole forest when there are so many fallen trees right in front of you.