So Many Things

So many things happened as the day went along.

For one, I was low key miffed that it seemed like I was just getting the grunt work.

Granted, though I’m not a regular employee, I’ve been around and done different things.

But then, I was reminded, in Christ, there are no small jobs or small anything. We only see ourselves as small or less than. Either in our own eyes or some other frail, fallible human’s.

I ended up with a decent job and got out of some grunt work. I had to thread flowers to hang.

It was a multiple step process. I felt like I was taking too long. But the boss said I was fine. I had to tape the string to the flowers. I thought I had them organized enough that they wouldn’t tangle once it was time for me to give them to boss.

You know they ended up in a tangled mess right? I was SO frustrated. I apologized and had frantic energy. He was cool. He just wanted to make sure I could handle it.

I didn’t want to hold progress up and hate messing stuff up. Issues that belong to me. I ended up just undoing a lot of my work. But, because I had done a decent tape job, and due to what I thought was problematic melted candle wax that actually helped, I was able to fix it rather quickly.

The reason I could fix it is because I pivoted and simply cut the string. I didn’t continue trying to just untangle it or follow the first plan I had. I changed course. Again, I seemingly undid a lot. But, by letting go and cutting it loose, I was able to tie it back together and use the tape that I already rolled.

There is so much in these last few paragraphs.

We think we are taking too long. We think we are going so slowly. But God knows what time it is. He knows the path we take (Job 23:10) and how long it should take.

God sees our mistakes and lovingly assures us all is well. There is grace and mercy when we try and somehow don’t get it right.

What sometimes seems like a setback is merely an opportunity to change course and still succeed where we thought hope was lost or our mistake was just too overwhelming. By being kind to ourselves, we are able to go back to where things went right and change course to be able to get the same result we initially desired.

And sometimes God just wants to see if we can handle it.

So those things I cleaned (Multiple Paths, Same Result). I needed 20. I thought I had 19 last night. I counted this morning and somehow I had 20. When it was time to use them, one of the LAST things that had to be done, I only had 19.

I was already super frustrated earlier. ANOTHER mistake. I flew to the house. Fortunately, my mother was at home and able to clean one. You know a police officer ended up on the road and I had to drive slower on the way back right? Ugh. But, I made it in time and all was well.

A few weeks ago I broke down and got some earbuds. I’m still not a fan. Especially since they fly out so easily when I drop them. Of course on the way to the car to go get what I needed I dropped them.

I was moving so fast I didn’t see them fly out. Just the case fall off the outside. I blamed my nephew. He is busy and into stuff. He told me he didn’t do it. I doubted him and still lectured him.

When I got back to the venue, I went to look for them. I found one on the ground where I dropped my keys. I called to apologize to him.

Now, when I was a child, the adults in my likely likely would not have apologized. But, I’m trying to be better to him. He needs to know adults mess up and are not perfect. If I am unfair to him I need to let him know.

At this point, it was time for final touches. I tried to help. But you know how somw people like to do things themselves? I got to the point where I just got out of the way. I tried again even later. Nope. I made myself scarce.

Sometimes help simply isn’t help. If the person we are trying to help doesn’t want or need it we are just a pain for them. Like my nephew told my sister: we gotta read the room.

Okay. I’m done. 😊

Sike. I wrote this before we went back and broke down what we decorated. I found the other earbud unharmed in the dark. I dunno if I didn’t look where I found it or just didn’t because of the cars parked. But, it was as if it was just placed there. Chilling waiting for me. And that’s cool. I def took them off my keys though. That was one time too many. Smh.