I Didn’t Ask For That

This is the third post about the wedding set up. Hahahaha. If we pay attention, we can get revelation from anything!!

While I was stringing flowers, I asked my nephew for my wallet. The needle was in it so I wouldn’t lose it.

I said please and thank you when I asked for it.

As he handed it to me, he said “you’re welcome” twice.

I replied with “I already said thank you”.

His response? “For this” as he handed me my keys.

I told him “I didn’t ask for that”.

“So you’re telling me I wasted my words?”

“Yes and your energy.”

I KNEW this next part was somewhere else (this was a draft first) when I wrote it in So Many Things (the other one is Multiple Paths, Same Result.). People provide help that isn’t asked for. That isn’t helpful. I’ve received it and been guilty of it.

People ask for what they need. If they don’t ask and then view it as a bother, we shouldn’t be offended. Easier said than done. I know. From experience. Like the lil nephew said though, read the room. It’s ok to let people be and mind our business.

Sometimes we give things to God that He didn’t ask for.

Cain and his sacrifice from the ground (somewhere near the beginning of Genesis. I’m being lazy. An internet search shall be your friend if you need proof with your eyes 😊❤.).

King Saul and his wanting to save animals to sacrifice instead of destroying everything like God told him to (somewhere in 1 or 2 Kings. Ditto previous comment.).

For them, it was a loss of place and position. Cain was banished because he killed his brother who offered a more excellent sacrifice. He was no longer allowed to be around his family.

Because King Saul took on duties that were not his, he lost the one duty that was-being king.

The Bible (somewhere in Romans-Jude.) says we are to work out our own salvation with fear and trembling. My interpretation is, again, to mind our own business. Walk and talk with God. Abide in Him (Jesus said it in Matthew.). Relate to the High Priest who died so we can access God on a personal level (I used to know book, chapter, and verse. Try 1 or 2 Peter first. If not, it is elsewhere in Romans-Jude.).

We should see what He says to us individually, on a personal level. Then do that. And don’t go telling ppl what they should and shouldn’t do. Unless they ask or God specifically speaks to us with a word of prayer or prophecy. Again, GOD. Not us and our feelings or opinion.

And praying the will of God for them. Or that things work in ways that we know they want them to, in addition to, the will of God. Don’t pray our judgment or opinion for them. That’s an imposition of our will. And that isn’t right because God has a perfect will. But He also gives us free will and choice. Who are we to place our will, our desires, as more important than God doesn’t when we don’t seek His will? NOBODY.

That’s also a form of love. Allowing people to just be. Accepting how we find them. Allowing them to live life while we are there for them. I believe Paul (again somewhere after Romans before 1 Peter. But shoot. It could have been Peter.) told us to be all things to all people.

I mean this thang. We have to be careful about who we let pray for us and what we let them pray. I have told multiple people not to pray certain things for me. I don’t want what they want to pray for, I don’t want them specifically praying for me, and/or Ion know that that prayer is the will of God.

I believe John (in 1, 2 or 3, John) said try the spirit by the Spirit to see if it is of God. If you and God don’t get down like that, Ion want you opening me up to an attack from the enemy. Now, I’m having to fight something I was unaware of was even going down cuz you sent something up to Heaven I didn’t ask for.

Aight. I’m out. Go be great. Someone is counting on it!