Pray, Pay Attention, Pivot

I feel like I heard God. Like heard Him, heard Him.

There have been obstacles attempting to get to what I heard.

Enough obstacles to make one wanna turn, tuck tail, and be like “nah. You ain’t heard Him. You lied.”

I am coming to the realization that I may get breadcrumbs and pieces to see how I’ll navigate the instructions. Or it may be me trying to get there on my own and taking the long way there.

Whatever the case may be, I spent the morning outside and have been in prayer and introspection since like three pm yesterday. It’s almost one.

I have no idea where this was going because I answered the phone and had a horrible convo. Someone trying to talk me out of what I’m doing.

All I’m gonna say is this, I know what the end goal is. The sausage/hot dog process is nasty and disgusting. What is in it, on face value, is not great.

But the end product is delicious.

This here sausage that is my life is gonna be great. I just have to keep being processed.

Go be great. Someone’s counting on you.