Don’t Cover It

There’s this fancy top load washing machine where I’m currently living.

The agitator thing in the middle is super short.

I’ve lived here before and washed clothes here before.

I washed some towels the other day.

Just like before, I just threw the stuff in there. Paying no attention to the agitator.

When I thought the towels were done, I went to get them. I didn’t notice that there was still time in the cycle at that point. Just that they were super wet.

I started them over or started from that point. But I didn’t take them off of the agitator.

I started them at a decent time. But, as the process went along, I was super tired and fell asleep. I woke up and now I was agitated. I asked someone why this was going on. They said I couldn’t cover the thing in the middle. I believe at this point I noticed time left in the cyle.

I ended up not even washing all my clothes.

This morning, I went to wash them and someone put a rug in there. But, sure enough, the agitator covered it. I am fairly confident I have tried three times to get the thing finished. Twice on the regular cycle it was on. And now just on drain and spin.

Having to stand there and watch for ten minutes seemed interminable. So, I came up to get dressed and start this blog. I’m betting myself that, because I didn’t want to wait then, I’m still going to have to wait.

I have no idea where I’m going with this. Lol. Ima reread and pray then finish. Lol.

Okay. I think I got it.

Just because something went right doesn’t mean we did it right. I got my clothes clean but I clearly didn’t do it the right way. Otherwise, when I attempted this time, I would have been successful the first go round.

Pay attention. Don’t be distracted. Had I done this, I would have asked for help sooner, wouldn’t have wasted time, and wouldn’t have been agitated.

And if this thing is not drained, a little patience goes a long way. Hypothetically, if I have to start it again, I have wasted time. If I would have just endured when I was downstairs, I would likely be able to head out. But now, I may have to sit and wait longer than I would have if I had just had patience earlier.

Don’t cover it up. Huh. That takes me multiple places. Ima try to remember and go each one.

Don’t cover our sin and mistakes. That hides them. That buries them. We are inclined to forget about what we can’t see or what we ignore. It always catches up to us. And it is usually far more catastrophic later than it would have been if we addressed it to begin with.

Don’t cover what’s necessary. It may seem small, unimportant, or insignificant. But, there is usually a point or reason behind why every component of everything exists. Don’t be embarrassed by people we need. Don’t be embarrassed by mistakes we’ve made. Don’t be embarrassed by what seems crazy. Use it. It is necessary.

Okay. I think I got to what I should. I try not to stay long bc attention spans are a thing. Errybody doesn’t like reading novels.

I think I like this sign off for the time being. Or some variation. Lol.

Go be great. Someone’s counting on you.

Oh. I gave up on the rug and am gonna let someone else handle it. Sometimes we just can’t. There’s nothing wrong with acknowledging that and handing it over to someone (someOne) who can.

*Bruh. I’m not crazy. Someone else who uses it who wasn’t there said there’s a spinning problem. I tried to do my clothes. It was a fail. I took them elsewhere. Bahahahahahahaha*