I took my nephew swimming today. While we were there, I got so much revelation about how we relate to God.

Lil buddy had on a life vest. He’s under 10 and short bc his parents are. Lol. Three of his four grandparents and several of his aunts are short too.

He can stand up or at least touch the bottom of the pool in up to 3 1/2 feet. The pool is five feet at its deepest. I’m five two. So, I can handle all the water standing up. I just have to hop to stay above water in the deep end.

I picked him up and attempted to carry him into the five feet. He freaked out. He grabbed on to me and wouldn’t let go.

I questioned him about whether I would let him drown. I told him I had him. I asked if he could trust me. I even told him that this was a good lesson about trusting God.

We were there for at least another hour after this. I tried get him to float on his back. He wasn’t having it. He wanted to swim.

He also had this big inner tube float. It’s probably too big for his little self. He was trying to float. But he was also holding on. I told him he couldn’t float and swim at the same time.

I went on about my business. I hung around the deeper part while he shot at me with a water gun. I guess I showed him I was in control in the deep end that scared him. He def said he was scared of the deeper water at one point earlier.

I said I showed him because he decided to hold onto the side of the pool and go all the way around-even in the deep end he was scared of.

We played around some more. A lil Marco Polo round two. Shooting the water gun. Just sitting still.

I asked him if he wanted to go around again. This time he wanted to swim. I suggested he do it close enough to the wall so he could reach out for it. He was gung-ho and ready to start toward the deep end.

I pressed pause on that and showed him what I meant. He went from one side to the other in the shallow water. Then we were off.

He would dunk his face, take a breath, and occasionally grab onto the wall. I told him if he was gonna grab onto the wall we had to stop. I wasn’t going to let him hold on to the wall.

He went all the way around the wall. When we got back to 3 1/2 feet I let him go. He looked at me like he was going to freak out. Then I told him something I found profound.

I knew you could stand up so I let you go.

I try to keep most of these pretty short. I’m gonna read it for more revelation and contemplate what I already got out of it. I’ll cross link them. This is so good to me!

As promised: Swimming Revelation.