What Are You Carrying

Ooooooooh. I like this title. I had no notes from 1/21 so I have no idea what this should have been about.

But. This is a good question.

What are you carrying?

What are you holding?

Who are you carrying?

Who are you holding?

Is it something some called you outside of your name or who God called you to be?

Is it fear?

Is it regret?

Is it pain?

Is it shame?

Is it expectations?

Is it failure?

Is it jealousy?

Is it insecurity?

Is it pride?

Is it unforgiveness?

Is it unrepentance?

Is it hate?

Is it something you shouldn’t have picked up?

Is it something someone else gave you?

Is it something that belongs to someone else?

Is it weighing you down?

Is it sin?

If it is either of the last two, Paul admonishes us to lay them aside in Hebrews 12:1.

If it is a care or concern, Peter said to cast them on Jesus because he cares in 1 Peter 5:7.

Empty your hands and shoulders of what is hindering you so that you can pick up and carry ALL that God has designed for you.