People’s Proper Place

Ion know. Repetitive maybe. But it blesses me and I need reminders so maybe somebody else does too. And this is my second to last in this post marathon.

I got some of this from others I’ve heard preach or post on Instagram.

We give people the wrong status in our lives.

We make friends out of acquaintances.

We make significant others out of flatterers.

We make spouses out of situations.

We make roots out of leaves (a Tyler Perry monologue you can search).

We make seasons out of moments (A quote you can search).

This has caused me unnecessary pain and grief. I want what people do not, cannot, should not give me.

Omg. The internet wasn’t working and I had a whole draft. I couldn’t save it online and I created a word file. I thought it was something else.

I didn’t pay attention. Gah. And I was supposed to. Just wrote a whole post and said I was going to. And of course I didn’t have my settings right to save versions without hitting save on my new Word on my desktop.

It still may not have lcuz the internet was down. Maybe what I said wasn’t what needed to be said. If I find it I may add it. I’m not gonna try to remember. I know better. Save, save, save! Ugh.

Honestly, I think I’m done.

We need to just be careful who feeds us and who we feed.

We need to check our motives and intentions and the motives and intentions of others.

I painfully gave up a lot of people.

If they aren’t helping me get to purpose, but, are a distraction, they gotta go.

I don’t have time to waste calling and texting and being frustrated with people who don’t have time for me.

I have stuff to do and a promise.

Jesus promised I would receive hundredfold and inherit everlasting life if I gave up people and stuff to follow him (Matthew 19:29).

I owe him my life. Literally and legitimately. He can have it. And anything that’s in the way.

Ima tell him how I feel. But he can mend it and make it better.

2022 is a year of no new friends unless a sign comes from heaven and I just gotta have the person in my life.

Cleaning house emotionally, mentally, and physically has what looks messy on the outside ranked as the best life I’ve lived to this point.

Obedience and trust in this confusing time has me growing and changing. I love it.

I suggest we take inventory and look around. Who is and isn’t serving purpose, serving destiny?

Pain is temporary. Legacy is forever.

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