Sooooooo I was frustrated last week with my schedule. I wasn’t getting things done that I wanted to. I hadn’t been getting my exercise in like I wanted to. As my nephew used to say. Fruserated.

I walked for like an hour one day but determined to get my 10k steps in at once like I was used to. Two hours for my slow walking self. Eh.

It isn’t that cold to me where I am compared to where I just moved from. I tend to run warmer than others. And once I get moving I heat up. Even with my short, slow gait.

I considered getting my rain jacket but decided not to. I think I left out without my car keys and didn’t want to go back.

I made it half way. I was a bit tired. I had been off my game and the terrain is different. Resting for ten minutes before turning back was the game plan.

You know what happened right? Shortly after I sat down, I heard something. Rain.

Too lazy to get the jacket. I rarely check the weather. The sun wasn’t shining but that doesn’t necessarily mean rain.

But, I didn’t pay attention. I didn’t plan properly. Fortunately, it wasn’t a torrential downpour. Fortunately it stopped and the hardest it rained was close to the house. I did have on a jacket. Just not the right jacket to be in the rain. No hood. I wasn’t that wet though.

It was interesting to me that this happened on Friday on MLK’s actual birthday. All I did was walk in the rain. The Civil Rights leaders were hosed with water so strong…a lil light rain is nothing compared to that.

I didn’t really complain because I was going to a warm home while others sleep outside in the rain. I love the rain. And I got to get my steps in out in nature. Which is big for me. I didn’t play sports or explore the great outdoors.

In fact, I never really liked being outside much. Probably because I was usually stuck inside as a latch key kid and stuck in my ways as I got older. Amazingly, I have an evolving love for God’s creation. I can’t wait to try all kinds of outdoor things. At least once. That may be enough for some of them. Lol.

The title. The point. I’ve never been big on scheduling or planning. Not really. But, when I have something to do, I make sure I know and have enough time to get where I’m going. I fail to be on time sometimes. Especially to work. But, it is rarely said that I am late to anything. First one to family functions a lot of times.

I’m moving into a new phase of life. God is gonna fulfill, perfect, and complete some stuff. I gotta be ready when He does. I have to pay attention to everything. No matter how small. I should have turned around for that jacket. I should have checked the forecast.

Nothing major happened. This time. I doubt will go that way the next time. That’s cool. Cuz I am going to do my level best to pay attention to the situation, the circumstances and plan.

Someone said if you fail to plan you plan to fail. Id have to agree with that sentiment…

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