Inventory Check

I had a dream that I was working in an office supply store.

A lady came in and wanted permanent markers. She fussed about the cost and color options.

She kept walking around and around. She saw a virtual reality headset. She said something negative about it and said we should take it off the shelf.

Somebody came over to help and made suggestions. She pooh poohed them, in addition to mine, and kept walking around and complaining.

For one, this sounds like the children of Israel in the wilderness. I thought that as I was typing.

After I had the dream, and in part while typing as well, I thought that I was God in this scenario. I work there. I know the prices. I know what works for your needs. I can help you.

The customer was us. Not wanting help. Wanting to complain. Getting distracted. Disrespectful. Wanting something but not wanting to pay the price.

My coworker was the assistance God sends. Natural help to get us on track. We are just as bad to them as we are to God.

I think we should take inventory of how we are relating to God, His help, and His helpers. I think we should examine what we have going on where His will is concerned.

I told a few people lately that I will never be truly happy, have true joy, or true peace unless I follow the will of God for my life.

I have been grudgingly accepting His will. However, how we go is just as important as actually going. I will be blessed for my yes. I will be rewarded more and have more ease walking into my yes with a better attitude.

I’ve had to, and still will, watch how I’m moving and what I’m saying. This life and walk is a process. I will never be perfect or get it right all the time. The fact that I am willing to check myself and grow is what’s important.

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