I remembered what I wanted to write!

I have been discombobulated for almost a week. I moved and nothing really has a place. Stuff is still packed. Stuff is in storage. Stuff is in my car.

Previously, this would pose no problem. I used to function in chaotic, junky rooms. I could tell you exactly where to find things. No real issue with a junky car either.

The thing is, my life and mind were chaotic. What was going on externally permeated internally and manifested externally.

I’ve been cleaning house. Making space and room for God and purpose. The more toxicity and junk I free from my mind and life the more order I need around myself. Ditto the million dollar word sentence above.

I’m proud of me and excited about where I’m headed. It’s only up from here. DJ Khaled right? Major key or nah? Lol.

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