I did not mean to post a gazillion things today. But the revelation. Maaaaan.

So. I’m helping someone and driving their car. I drive a Chevy Malibu. They drive a Buick Regal.

There’s an alert on their car where I have an info system. I let it be yesterday.

Today, I started pushing stuff on the steering wheel. I said Oops I’m messing with stuff. I asked how I could make the alert go away.

They asked what it was, knowing what it was, and said it won’t until they handle it.

I explained why I said something about it. I was like on my car I can see the speed without having to look at the speedometer. Then I was like, but this isn’t my car. Let me leave it alone cuz I drive a Chevy and this is a Buick.

I said it would preach and maybe I would remember later to write a blog post. Here we are.

We drive two totally different cars-not even the same make. They have different dash boards, different “operating syatems,” different everything, especially considering mine is a car and theirs is an SUV. Shoot. I keep hitting my knee when I get in.

I am in their car trying to drive it like it is my car. That won’t work. What’s theirs is theirs and what’s mine is mine.

I can’t operate what they have going on the way I operate what I have going on.

I saw my girl Shanicka Vail House (@shanickavailhouse on Instagram) post on her My Transparent (MOM)ents (@mytransparentmoments on Instagram) page about the story we often recall to illustrate minding our path and business our way. David couldn’t fit Saul’s armor and it would have been disastrous if he tried to stay Goliath wearing Saul’s armor (all of this is in 1 Samuel 17).

She didn’t go this deep. But. David had already killed large animals his way without the benefit of armor. So, based on his experience and his experience with God, he knew all he needed was that slingshot and five smooth stones.

The armor worked for Saul. It was custom made for Saul. Saul had experience being victorious with that armor. He worried because he didn’t know David’s way.

The purpose God has for us is singularly ours. The anointing for us is singularly ours.

Sure, we can glean from the testimony of others. But, I caution us against wanting the glory of others without knowing the story.

Saul didn’t know what it took for David to be able to stand in front of a giant unarmed. He was skeptical of David’s choice. But. David did something no other man could.

I can’t do what you or anybody else can. You can’t do what I or anybody else can.

Embrace the unique call and drive your car your way. Sure, you may have to be something to someone like Paul says when he says be all things to all people (1 Corinthians 9:22). Drive their car and give it back! Or maybe drive your car to suit then. But drop them off and go back to doing it your way.

Skkkkkrrrrrrt. There may be advice that will help you drive your car better. That’s what mechanics are for. Or people who have been driving longer. Don’t discount what may help you. But, don’t get caught up in others. God sends people and things to help. We just have to keep or take in what’s from Him and graciously discard the rest.

Okay. I’m done. Hopefully for the day. Cuz sheesh. All of this has been on my lil phone today. Even the drafts I edited.

Go with God and have good God day!

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