The fact that I am somewhere in the world at the beach is a mini miracle. I lived an hour and some change from it and never visited after a certain point unless church or shopping were involved.

I came every year at least seven years straight with my family. But times weren’t so great with them when I was coming.

Sand was dirty to me, got everywhere, and the beach required the extensive process of hair washing. I also experienced red tide at a different beach one year.

I’ve begun embracing God’s great, beautiful nature. I wasn’t exposed to it much as a child and didn’t end up with the desire to as a result.

Now, however, I wanna try so many things. I had an ulterior motive for this stay at the beach. Despite my previous disdain, the alternative was a worse proposition.

I realized today that there may be these underlying reasons for the disdain. After I almost got frostbite putting my feet in the water. After I had a picnic. After I enjoyed myself at the beach.

Revelation and realization, while working on yourself and relationship with Jesus, are so powerful. It is a great feeling to look at yourself, to look in the mirror and see your own growth.

To recognize you’ve changed without a pat on the back is a beautifully great thing. It may not be easy or pain free. But it is sooooo worth it.

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