Farther Than We Think

I’m currently on vacation to celebrate my nephew’s birthday. My mind hasn’t changed about Christmas.

I’m somewhere in the world at a beach. When I drove here last night, I passed some souvenir shops.

I’m trying to get my health and fitness life together. I decided to walk instead of drive.

I seemed to forget that driving is waaaaaay faster thank walking. It’s a lot farther away than I thought. I could have turned around.

That made me think about us and some of the things God tells us to do. Great ideas. Great plans. Great directives.

We sometimes expect things to go a certain way. We make our plans based on His instruction.

We don’t always accout for how he wants us to accomplish it. Sometimes things change or disrupt the plan.

Us or they cause whatever God said to end up farther away than we expected.

How often do we turn back? How often do we question if it was truly God cuz it looks unlike what we expected?

How often do we disrespect Him by walking away or saying it was us and not Him? How often do we disrespect Him by turning our nose up at the way He does it?

I decided to keep walking no matter how far away this place is. Hopefully, I’ll remember this and never lose sight to keep walking toward the will of God. ESPECIALLY when it’s farther than I think…

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