Thank You

I wanted to write a letter

Just to say thank you

To express my gratitude

Remember when you hurt me

Injecting poison into my soul

Your words were atom bombs

Exploding in my psyche

Your anger, lies, and hate

Was a semi automatic to my emotions

You didn’t really know me

You never really saw me

Knocked me over and stepped on me

To get where you were going

I wanna say thank you

For every tear

Every sleepless night

Every thought of death

Somebody was bottling my tears

Somebody was bringing rest

Somebody was breathing life into every dead place

All you did was make me stronger

All you did was send me into the arms

Of a lover so capable

A lover so sweet

He knocks me off of my feet

While you wouldn’t

Answer the phone, text, or fb me

All I had to do was say Jesus

And my boo, my best friend comes running

So, after all you’ve done

He’s the reason I love you

He’s the reason I forgive you

He’s the reason I pray God’s blessing upon you

So, again, for leading the way to my man

The Clyde to my Bonnie

A rida who already die

I write this letter

Just to say thank you

To express my gratitude