From Religion to Relationship

From the day I was conceived

I was told of Your majesty

I went to church

And was taught about Your works

Sunday School

Sunday morning and evening

Bible class and prayer too

I knew just how to shout

Worship and speak in tongues

I knew about the death, burial, and resurrection

I knew how to look the part

I knew how to play the game

I learned how to be arrogant, mean, and backbite

I knew what it was like to have it all together

Yet, in the midst of all of this

I knew Your Word

I read the scriptures

What I saw and knew

Was no reflection of You

I tried so hard to be like You

In a dry and barren land

The more I knew and understood

The harder life became

I knew who I was

I knew whose I was

But I was attached to the people

I longed for their love

There came a day

When I was tired of life as I knew it

All that mattered was You

All that mattered

Was Your Word, Your will, my destiny

So I gave it up

All that I was

All that I had

All that I wanted

All that I loved

Simply for the glory of You

I longed to know You

In the power of Your resurrection

And the fellowship of Your suffering

I desired less of me

And all of you

So I laid down my life

And I picked up my cross

I journeyed from religion to relationship

I journeyed my God to You