From Familiar to the Beach

As I stand rooted

In this spot

Waves are crashing in

Winds are blowing

Hail, thunder, and lightning

Fall, clap, and flash

There is something

So familiar about this

I’ve been here before

I remember the last time

The feelings were the same

Others did the same thing

Others said the same thing

As I stand here

I think about what I did

I think about what I said

I think about the outcome

So this time

I call for Jesus

I yell, I pray, I cry

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus

I can’t do it alone

I can’t do it halfway

I need you all the way

Suddenly it stops

The Son shines

Suddenly I’m on a beach

I summoned the courage

To stand still and fight

I saw the salvation of the Lord

Now there’s peace

I can sit and relax

He did all the work

I simply had to ask