What is beauty

What does it mean

Is it a size zero frame

Flawless skin

And zero body fat

Or could it be a size 20

250 pounds

With a shake in her hand

Is it really only skin deep

Or does what lies inside

Count more than the outside

Is it the rose on the trellis

Stars that light the night’s sky

Or even the snow covered mountains

Is my beauty

In the eye of my beholder

Who even knows

My beauty if my confidence

The way I hold my head

The way I carry myself

It’s me

The real me

Everything inside

First and foremost

My word is my bond

You may not agree

You may not even see

Anything I see

But you see

There’s something else I know

About all of my beauty

It’s not changed

Not even limited

By anything you see or think

My beauty

Is my beauty