Alone-Not Alone

I’m alone in a room

It’s cold, dark, and stale

I’m scared and lonely

They said I love you

But walked away

They said I need you

But couldn’t stay

They raped me of my peace

They stole my joy

Leeched my anointing

Mocked my praise

I let them have it

They took it all away

And now I’m locked

In the prison of my mind

I want shrivel up

I’ve begged God to die

I can’t say anymore

I just lay and cry

I don’t know when I got here

I can’t tell the time of day

I cry and cry

Until morning becomes day

I see the light and roll over

I’m not in the mood to face life

I’m on empty

All of a sudden

I see something I didn’t notice

A Bible stares me in the face

Like a tidal wave

Taking over my mind

A mental rolodex

Of its contents passes through my mind

The movie that is my life

Plays before my eyes

When I almost lost my mind

I wasn’t alone

When the other people left

I wasn’t alone

The last time was in this room

I wasn’t alone

Every time I cried

Every time depression strangled me

Every time I wanted to quit life

I wasn’t alone

Something rose on the inside

And hugged me from within

It wrapped its arms around me

And just wouldn’t quit

The love of God surrounded me

It brought everything that was taken back

As I reflect on those times

I look up

I’m not scared and lonely

The room isn’t cold, dark, and stale

I’m not alone in a room