A Better Way

If you have been here a while or gone through all these posts, you are well aware that just about anything is a lesson or message for me.

I am currently cooking something for the third time in my life.

I grew up eating it because someone at my church who was like a grandmother used to make it. It was delicious. I would beg for it.

She tried to tell me how to make it. Well, she did tell me how to make it. But my knife wasn’t sharp enough. I don’t know what else I did wrong.

It wasn’t like hers and I left it out so it spoiled immediately. So much wasted effort. But had I had a better knife…

Over the years I’ve wanted this particular food. I couldn’t find it. I waited too long to try to get her to tell me. She is living but unable to assist me.

I decided a month ago to get on YouTube and figure it out. I watched two different videos and did a pretty good job. Two other people told me so.

The food takes like four hours to cook. I had to keep adding water and stirring because it was sticking to the only pot I thought suitable.

I decided to make some more. I wanted them to be the same. I did things basically the same way. I swapped out a seasoning and cooked part of it differently.

But I used that same pot.

I was smelling something burning but didn’t think it was the food. I ended up on a video chat and was told it was probably the food and something was wrong with the pot.

I said I wanted to do it the same way so they would be the same. I was told again something was wrong with the pot.

I changed pots. The bottom of the first one is black. Burned bits ruin entire dishes.

How often do we do things they same way simply because they were good the first time or before? How often do we miss out on a better way because we want things to turn out the same way?

If I take this into this situation or relationship and do it just like this other one it should be fine because the original or previous one was fine?

All the while, we are putting in extra effort and expending unnecessary energy putting old wine in new bottles, that will break, or sewing new fabric on old garments, that will tear.

Yet, it is all so simple. What worked at one point doesn’t always translate to another. The whole faith to faith, glory to glory sitch.

I challenge us to be willing to improve upon what we know, like building blocks. I challenge us to be open to the possibilities of a better way.

Or maybe the heat is just up too high. 🤦🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️ That’s a whole nother thing….

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