I cut my index finger. On my right hand.

I don’t know how I did it. And I’m right-handed.

It is the middle of the pandemic and hand sanitizer is a must. As is hand washing.

Putting lotion on these sanitized and washed hands is a must.

Tying shoes, doing hair, cooking, just living life all require the use of this finger.

It’s kind of difficult to wear a bandaid on your index finger.

So, I’m in pain. From hitting it. From using it. From cleaning it. From lotioning it.

I’m watching it so it doesn’t get infected.

Even if I could cover it, it needs to breathe.

Life cuts. All of this is applicable to life.

A cut up life, especially one sacrificed to God, hurts. Just living. Trying to mind your business.

If we cover up and hide, refuse to live, don’t allow the breath, word of God, we will have a problem.

If we don’t watch out for infection while living this life, we will have a problem.

Jesus told us vines abiding in God have to be pruned. Cut up.

I’ll take the pain.

Cuz a life that bears fruit, after pruning, is much more desirable than a burned up, dead life.

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