I am not okay.

I made plans and they didn’t work out.

I chose the easy thing and availed myself to help my family with little benefit for myself.

My uncle lost his battle with congestive heart failure.

Different family members on both sides have vexed me.

I tried to do a good deed and it wasn’t the best thing for reasons I didn’t calculate as part of my risk assessment.

I’m having issues securing something important.

But, I have a game plan that I’m excited about for my future.

So many things and so many emotions all at once.

I am so tired.

I feel like I could cry at any minute.

So, I think I’m gonna shut down until Thanksgiving after and surrounding plans that I’ve made.

I just need a mental and emotional break.

I am overwhelmed.

But, I’ve been here before. 😊

If I take some time to myself and focus on me, I should be good in no time.

There is no shame in taking a time out.

There is no shame in putting yourself first.

There is no shame in eliminating toxicity, even if it includes people you love.

You get one life.

You deserve to be happy and live it in a way that fulfills you and brings you joy.

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