Like, as a Christian I probably shouldn’t use that word.

And I probably shouldn’t complain.

But I am a human in flesh.

So just know, despite efforts and attempts to craft my life, mood, words, feelings, thoughts, and whatever else after the sacred text of the Bible, all I have at this moment is one word.


And I know swimming around is an attitude of entitlement. I’m not gonna unpack all of what is going on. Cuz I know I legit have no right to be pissed.

But feelings are a fickle thing contrary to facts.

And I’m a million percent overcome by my feelings.

So I’m gonna pray that this feeling passes.

I can’t promise I’ll come back turning cartwheels declaring I’m no longer pissed.

Just know, this feeling will pass. As will all of what you may be facing.

Good God day……..

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