Painless Cut

I was cutting potatoes and they slipped. The knife ended up going across my skin.

I sucked my breath. I’ve cut myself before and I expected pain and blood.

I pulled back the flap of skin and put pressure on my thumb. There was no blood. It didn’t hurt. I didnt even mess up my fingernail polish.

I told God thank you and kept doing what I was doing.

I carefully peeled off the skin. No blood no pain.

As I tap this out on my phone, the area is uncomfortable, but there is no pain.

I’m getting ready to do something that seems familiar. I am TERRIFIED.

I’ve made it through before. Twice.

I’ve gone from faith to faith. But this has just been overwhelming and stressful.

I’ve given myself pep talks. I’ve been given pep talks. I’ve considered His track record.

But I’m still catching my breath waiting for the blood.

Somehow, this ordinary situation today has put it all into perspective.

Kirk Franklin has a new song called Idols with these lyrics:
Give me the mountain you’re not strong enough to climb
I’ll restore the days that you threw away
I love to return wasted time
Give me the questions, there’s not one too great or too small
Still, you can’t be free ’til you let me be
God of all or not God at all
And God of all or not God at all

I believe this cut will be uncomfortable with no blood or pain.

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