I Owe You

I went to Atlanta last weekend and visited All Nations Worship Assembly were LaBryant Friend is pastor.

I’m not gonna lie.  Before going, I was skeptical like many others about what the deal was with All Nations as a whole.

I feel like I had to work through some tradition and/or judgment I didn’t know that I still had.

I am SO glad I did.  I really did feel like I was welcomed home.  That will not be my last time gracing those doors.

He spoke from Romans 13:8-14.

Honestly, there was more service during worship.  We sang about how God never lets us down.  We sang some other stuff too.  But, the worship was so heavy and took so long because we just couldn’t let go of how much God was, is, and will be there for us.


He was talking to us about how we enter situations and relationships and end up owing people despite scripture telling us not to owe anyone.

He told us that we should work on some appropriate-not with our bosses at work-nos to give to people.

We only got like 20 minutes of his message.  He tried to give us 40, then 25, and had to settle on 20.

I’m sure you could find it if you look for it online for 3-31-19.  I may go find one of the other services and hope that I can get all of what he intended to give us.

But, if not, God was there and I got what I needed from worship and the 20 minutes he cut us up.  🙂