Accept the Blessing

So I went to the eye doctor last week.

I’ve been wearing glasses since the fourth grade.

I think I’ve had astigmatism the entire time.

Well last week the doctor told me that the glasses I came in with were stronger than the prescription she was writing. I thanked/glorified the Lord right there. I told her that I had worn my contacts more before this appointment than my last. She said sometimes that flattens the eye.

I forgot to bring contacts or my prescription with me. She said it was ok and gave me a trial pair. I set an appointment per her request to see how the new contacts were doing.

The trial box is only five pairs. I have a ton of contacts still at home. I decided that I was going to just keep wearing my old contacts til I ran out then order the new ones. I contemplated just cancelling the appointment.

But then yesterday I thought about it. My eyes are better. I’m gonna wear the trial pairs until my appointment Tuesday. Oh well that I have contacts left. God blessed me and I’m going to embrace it.

How often does God bless us, we say thank you, but then we reject it? We’ve spent money, we’re familiar, we’re comfortable so we discard the better that God has for us?

I’m grateful that God’s plans are to prosper and not to harm me. And I’m glad he taught me this lesson. I love the care he has for me!

So, I challenge all of us to accept the blessing God has for us!

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