I’m Annointed for This

So my sister friend preached a message with this title a couple of weeks ago.

She was talking about how Samuel annointed David before many of the exploits he undertook.

She told us to tell our problems, issues, and situations I’m anointed for this.

I basically lost my mind because of the scripture she used and her delivery resonated with me. I hollered in the good ol’ Apostolic way. Even gave God a dance!

I’ve been repeating it over and over to myself and others. I made it my lock and home screen image before I left church- almost as soon as she was done.

I was thinking about it again today and a new thought popped into my head-I’m annointed to be me.

Too often people want to change others or we want to change to be like others. We aren’t perfect so growth is necessary.

However, the Bible says there are many members but one body. That means there are a lot of people that comprise the whole. The Bible talks about the different functions of the members and how they are all useful in different ways.

We are all different and unique. We all serve different purposes. If God wanted us to be the same he wouldn’t have scattered the people who were building the tower of babel.

We are enough. We are graced to be us and offer the world what we have. We are anointed to be us.


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